We bring you light! We bring you the stars! We bring you nature, health, knowledge, fun, and advancement!

We provide the highest level of instruction, training and entertainment with optical tools, outdoor and nature interests, in the context of retail, education and recreation.

Our expert workshops demonstrate and teach the principles of light, optics, optical instruments, their function and structure and practical uses.

Participants are presented with a professional workshop that will enrich their knowledge and thirst for nature and adventure. Experts in the field introduce the concepts of light, will demonstrate how to use optical devices, and how they enhance your nature and adventure experiences.

Students will discover wildlife in their own backyard or in exotic places, understand the night sky and astronomy, and discover a whole new world of advanced technology and intricate manufacturing processes.

Whether you’re a school, college, retailer, club or organization, your establishment will greatly benefit from one of our many available workshops. Our fees are very reasonable, and your establishment may even qualify for free or discounted events!

Rediscover and enjoy nature like never before! Discover new vistas and new opportunities you didn’t think about!